We regard “EMPLOYEES” as our most precious assets and are willing to share company profits with our team members. We offer stages for colleagues who are capable and responsible. Here, you can pursue the job achievement and have work-life balance.

• Flexible Office Hours
• Business Trip and Accident Insurances, Group Insurance
• Cafeteria, Convenience Store
• Free Physical Examination Regularly
• Suggestion/ Complaint Box, HR Service Web
• Outdoor Relaxing Activities, Art Cultural Activities
• Staff Lounge
• On-site Healthcare Center, Healthcare Consultation

Corporate Social Responsibility plays a vital role throughout the entire company. Indeed only through coordinated efforts from across all departments' at all organizational levels; we are able to provide the best possible facilities to our workforce. Moreover, Shepherd Group has been extremely successful in building a healthy and cooperative relationship with its employees and its communities. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the facilities which we provide:
• Medical room with available full time doctor and nurses.
• Day-care center staffed with certified child caregivers.
• Dining hall and canteen wherein employees can have their lunch and snacks.
• Separated prayer rooms for men and women.
• Safe drinking water dispensers available throughout the factory premises.
• Timely payment of compensation and benefit.
• Yearly picnic for all employees as part of a team building activity.
• Female welfare officers providing consultancy and employee awareness.
• Training programs for sewing operators, helpers and quality inspectors.
• Provident fund facility.
• Use of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) for our Dying/printing facility to avoid discharge of hazardous chemicals into the environment.